Who am I?

Let me introduce myself.  I am Anita Scott ( and the youngest of all the grandchildren of Simon and Mary Coughlan (1.1) .  My mother was Helena (1.1.13) and the thirteenth child in the family.  She married Thomas Sheen and Anita Sheen was my maiden name.   At the  time of this writing there are just five grandchildren living, descended from this very large family.


I want to recognize the contributions of my late husband Jim Scott.  Without his encouragement and help I would never have begun this in the first place.

Where you begin and where do you end with a genealogy project?  In fact you never do end because there are always open questions, mysteries unsolved and in some cases, unsatisfactory answers.  There is also the question of style.   Should this be simply a listing of persons and their relationship to one other?  Or should the finished product contain the list plus all of what is available to the author? I think it is important that in some fashion I make people listed in the genealogy tables come alive to the reader.  There are stories behind the names.  I cannot know everything about them but I can document what I find in the papers and letters that I have access to.  

I have settled on a site that lists the genealogy down to the great grandchildren of Simon and Mary Coughlan and where I have names beyond that, I have included them.  I write all of what I know of my cousins and their lives. Unfortunately I did not know all my cousins but I did know a good few of them - most gone now - God rest their souls.

I would be happy for you to copy any photos or information for your own genealogy project.  I would request that you acknowledge the source for anything I have written or published.  


Anita Scott



My Grandfather