We welcome you to our Coughlan Family website.  

I wish to acknowledge the efforts of:

                Brother Simon Coughlan

                Vernon Coughlan

The seed information provided herein is a tribute to the efforts of Bro. Simon and Vernon who were both enthusiastic about permanently documenting the story of the Coughlan family and their descendants.

The Coughlan family that this site is dedicated to is the family that immigrated to New Zealand from Ireland in the middle 19th century.  Members of the family settled in South Canterbury, specifically Kerrytown, Temuka and environs.

This website is a living document.  Likely, it will contain some errors.  Corrections would be gratefully received.  If any descendant of these early New Zealand settlers would like to add to their branch of the family tree, this can be done by contacting me at my e-mail address.

I want to sincerely thank those New Zealanders who have already provided me with additional input and comments. In reformatting this web site, I wish to make particular mention of the work of Monique Kelly and Frank Sharp - thank you.

Since this is a work in progress I feel that it is appropriate to publish the work as I go.  When the project  is more mature, it is my intention to publish the whole of the document in a book form which will be available in New Zealand and elsewhere.  Therefore, the primary purpose of this web site is to make it available to all the descendants and give them an opportunity to provide more input and photographs to the project.